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Frequently Asked Questions - 2J's Music Machine2J’s Music Machine

Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Planning: Frequently Asked Questions
A DJ goes to over 30 weddings a year…and gets to see the good, the bad and the ugly. So we’ve sat down, and compiled a listing of some things you may or may not want to consider when planning your reception, and some of the most frequently asked questions. We do understand that every wedding and situation is unique… these are just generalizations! Adapt as necessary to your wedding!Wedding Ceremony MusicSome couples are having a hard time finding an organist for their ceremony…so many couples are now hiring their DJ to play the music during the ceremony. This allows the couple to choose the right sound for their ceremony music – whether traditional or contemporary. Great for civil ceremonies as well!Outdoor Weddings

When choosing an outdoor reception venue, consider the following points. Firstly, make sure there is sufficient power at the site for your DJ and other vendors, a 100′ cable is not the greatest plan! The other item most overlooked, is accessibility to wash room facilities near your outdoor venue… your guests will appreciate your attention to detail on this one!!!

Seating Arrangements

Please remember that your DJ will be placing speakers usually at each side of the stage or dance floor, depending on the set up of your venue. Even while background music is being played lightly, someone sitting right in front of the speakers may find it uncomfortable. Seat guests with sensitive hearing, or guests you suspect will be visiting during most of your reception – away from the speakers!

Venue PA Systems

When you are viewing your venue, ask to test their PA system…if you plan to use it for speeches. By planning ahead, you can be sure that 1) The PA system is simple enough for your MC to operate and 2) You can hear if the sound quality is appropriate for your wedding. Your DJ should be able to offer you use of the PA system for your speeches if you feel your venue does not provide an adequate system. Each person speaks at a different volume, and having a DJ who can control the volume so that it’s quieter with Uncle Bob’s booming voice, and the volume can be turned up for Grandma Turner, can be a real benefit!

Should We Feed The DJ?

This is a very common question…generally, if your DJ is there playing background music, it is recommended that you do feed them…after all, they are usually setting up around 4PM, and are working until 1AM. As well, your DJ does not need to be…or often want to be…seated with your guests. Most venues have a side room by the stage where your DJ can eat in comfort, and keep a close eye on the music!

Choosing The First Dance

Having trouble choosing from the hundreds of songs available for your first dance??? Most DJs should be able to provide you with a list to help narrow down your selections. At 2J’s, our couples are given the list approximately 2 months before their wedding, and if they choose, they can come for a free listening session…to listen to their narrowed down options. This way you can both choose a song that you feel will truly remind you of your wedding day…for years to come!

Check out this great list for wedding song ideas: Wedding Song Listing

What is a “Stag & Doe” Party?

This event is usually held about a month before your wedding and is meant for both the bride and groom. The bridal party or the couple’s parents usually host the party. Tickets are sold for a small fee to friends and family who are and aren’t attending your wedding. The ticket fee is to cover the costs of the event. Guests are also charged small fees for playing games at the event, and the proceeds go to the wedding couple. There is usually a 50/50 draw, raffle tickets are sold for prizes… These events serve as a great fundraiser for the wedding couple, and are perfect for the couple that already has everything…and doesn’t want a traditional bridal shower.. If you’ve booked your wedding with us, you can have our company play at your “Stag & Doe” for a reduced rate – Inquire today!!

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