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Wedding Kissing Games - 2J's Music Machine2J’s Music Machine

Wedding Kissing Games

Wedding Kissing Games
This is just some fun alternatives to the clinking of glasses to get the Bride and Groom to Kiss. If you have any suggestions for ideas to add to this list please feel free Contact Us. We refer to these as the Rules of Engagement.

  1. Sing a Song with the word “LOVE” in it.
  2. Sing a TV Show Theme Song (ex. Theme from Gilligan’s Island)
  3. Make up appropriate lyrics to: On The First Day Of Marriage, My True Love Gave To Me… On The Second Day… and so on.
  4. Choose any song and change the lyrics to reflect your special day (ex. We wish you a Merry Wedding, We wish you a Merry Wedding and a Happy Honeymoon).
  5. If Someone wants the Bride and Groom to kiss, they must go to the microphone and tell a joke or funny story.
  6. Set up a Miniature golf course near the head table (1 Hole). The participants must get a Hole In One in order for the Bride and Groom to Kiss.
  7. Have 1 or More Balloons for each table beside the head table in an arrangement. Inside each balloon will be a slip of paper with a question on it like “Where did the Bride & Groom Meet?” If needed maybe a Clue could be added. The DJ or MC will have the answers. A person from the table pops the balloon and if the table can answer the question correctly, then the Bride and Groom Kiss. If not, They Don’t.
  8. Have Balloons as Centerpieces. Inside the Balloons have instructions as to certain ridiculous actions that the whole table must perform.
  9. Have Balloons as Centerpieces or Envelopes on the Table, Inside on a piece of paper, Quote a Famous line from a Movie (e.g. Go Ahead Make My Day). The Table must Quote the Correct Movie to Get the Bride and Groom to Kiss. IF they are wrong you may let them try again until they get it Right.
  10. YOU KISS FIRST. Since it is your First day as Husband and Wife, you may need some lessons on how to kiss, so in order to help you learn, another couple must first go up in front of the head table and demonstrate how it’s done.
  11. ICEBREAKER – SHARE THE WORK. Instead of having the Bride and Groom kiss all the time, have all the couples names that are in attendance in a jar, have the Bride and Groom draw a couples name and have that couple kiss (We have also seen this done where everyone’s name that is in attendance is put in the jar, this can lead to some awkward situations if you pull out 2 peoples names that are no longer a couple). That is why we suggest only couples names in the jar.
  12. DONATION OF MONEY TO A CHARITY – Select your favorite charity. If the crowd wants you to kiss, they have to make a donation (the bigger the donation the better and longer the kiss).
  13. Use a hula hoop. Tell people that they have to hula for 30 seconds to make you kiss. This will also make for some great photo ops!
  14. Play a game of name that tune. The first person to come up with the answer stands up at there table and calls it out to the DJ. If they are right the couple kisses . If they were wrong the couple picked 2 people from that table and make them kiss.
  15. Make the guests come up with a top 10 list similar to David Letterman’s top 10 list – each table has a certain theme, and has to come up with a list of 10 things…like top 10 honeymoon activities (!), top 10 reasons why Bride & Groom are perfect for each other, top 10 famous couples, etc etc…(no wrong answers really, but it makes your guests work a little for the kiss!)
  16. Ask a question about yourself either individually or as a couple, put one question in an envelope on “each table”. The table has to put their collective heads together to “answer” the question on their table. If answered “correctly” the Bride & Groom will kiss. If answered “incorrectly” (DJ or MC asks them is this is their “final answer”) If still incorrect then the Bride & Groom get to say something that the participants at that table “must do”.  Sort of a “reverse” consequence clause. The “consequence” clause keeps the guessing to a minimum and therefore the Bride & Groom get to “eat their dinner”. This creates a lot of fun and buzz during dinner, especially if the Bride & Groom make the incorrect answering tables do some interesting things such as: 1. everyone kiss someone at another table. 2. everyone go to the dance floor and do the chicken dance. 3. sing a song for the other guests. It is a good idea to have some “harder” questions “extra” for the table that thinks they “know all the answers” or when each table has answered their question. You can therefore keep it going by handing out some “extra” questions for the “advanced” guest tables. This gets to be really “fun”.
  17. Remember that beanbag toss game you had when you were a kid? Still have it around? If not you can make one, take a piece of plywood cut holes in it, paint it up nicely and decorate it. Now you can label the different holes with things like “Bride & Groom Kiss”, “You must kiss someone from the Head Table” Bride & Groom kiss You”, etc. You can even have them toss a Loonie or Toonie and have all the monies collected go to your favorite charity.

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